Blackfeet Country and Climate Change

Blackfeet Aquatic Lands Protection Ordinance90-A

Report Illegal Dumping on the Blackfeet Reservation

Saint Mary Scenic Overlook Environmental Assessment

Saint Mary Scenic Overlook Notice of Availability

Boulder Creek and Swift Current Creek Bed and Bank Stabilization Project

Blackfeet Tribal Ordinances

Blackfeet Environmental Office - Protecting the Blackfeet Nation's Natural Resources
Blackfeet Environmental Office, Blackfeet Nation, Browning, Montana

Blackfeet Environmental Office


North Entrance to the Blackfeet Indian Reservation with Chief Mountain in the background.  Metal warriors by Jay Labor, enrolled member of the Blackfeet Nation

The mission of the Blackfeet Environmental Office is to:

"Protect, preserve and enhance the environment of the Blackfeet Reservation and carry out environmental stewardship through development and implementation of environmental policies and regulations.”

The goal of these policies and regulations is to protect the health and welfare of the Blackfeet Nation's people and its natural and ecological resources.

On March 1, 1993, the Blackfeet Tribal Business Council, by resolution, officially recognized the Blackfeet Environmental Office as a Tribal Department.


BEO Emergency Notification Chart
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