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Blackfeet Solid/Hazardous Waste


What is Solid/Hazardous Waste?

The Blackfeet Solid/Hazardous Waste Department of the Blackfeet Environmental Office currently oversees all solid and hazardous waste related issues.

The Solid/Hazardous Waste Department is responsible for the closure of the Blackfeet Nation landfill which has been in operation since 1976. The landfill was considered non-compliant by Environmental Protection Agency standards and the closure process has taken nearly 10 years. The expected completed closure date will take three more phases or about three years.

In addition, Blackfeet Solid/Hazardous Waste investigates reported illegal dumps. If you would like to report an illegal dump and the individual responsible or have a question pertaining to solid waste please call the Blackfeet Environmental Office immediately at 406.338.7421.

The hazardous waste portion of the department is in the process of developing methodology for identifying the amount of hazardous waste produced by those facilities on the generators list. The generators list identifies all businesses, government and private, who generate any type of hazardous waste.

The Blackfeet Solid/Hazardous Waste Department also aims to educate all producers located within the exterior boundaries of the Blackfeet Reservation on proper use, storage, transportation, treatment and disposal of hazardous waste.


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